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Did you know…

The only legal way to dispose of used motor oil and oil filters is to recycle them!

Unlawful dumping or depositing of oil or any other hazardous material is prohibited by law. Penal code section, 374.8(b) punishable by imprisonment or fine up to $10,000.

Used oil filters, even when well drained, can contain several ounces of oil along with heavy metals and other toxics- after all, filtering those materials out of your engine oil is exactly what the filter is designed to do! Placing those old filters in the trash starts them on a journey to the landfill where their toxic contents can slowly drain out, mix with other landfill contents, and eventually ooze their way into our groundwater.

How to legally dispose of your used oil & filters:
Fortunately, proper, legal disposal of used oil and filters is easy, convenient, and free. Follow this link to find locations anywhere in California by entering your zip code, city or county ».

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